I just wanted to let you no the covering of my tattoo for Alex wedding was brilliant..everyone was fasinated by its disappearance…I was worried that the makeup may not last the entire day but was impressed to see it lasted very well..better than the rest of me!!!!….thanks again …  

Helen leiba

My wife has rosacea on her face and she found it very embarrassing as it was bright red. She had a consultation with SCUK and was taught the techniques of how to apply the camouflage make-up and the colour matched her normal skin tone perfectly. She has so much confidence now.

Mr J Bromley

My daughter has scars on her arms and never went out with her friends and always wore long sleeved tops. I took her along to a skin camouflage consultation with SCUK and she was shown how to cover her scars and she has confidence now to go out and even wear sun tops.

Mrs K Glasgow

I had a birthmark on my face for many years which caused me lots of embarrassment and distress. I contacted SCUK and arranged a consultation. I was then shown how to completely cover up my birthmark as if it was nor there at all. I was so happy. Skin camouflage has completely changed my life and given me so much confidence.

Mrs T Enfield

FANTASTIC! I’ve always felt self conscious of the birth mark on the top of my foot especially in the summer when I love to wear sandals But then I found Skin Camouflage and now I can wear whatever shoes I like and you would never know it was there.

Mrs W Welwyn Garden City