We are a network of independent skin camouflage practitioners operating across the UK.

We have three clinics run by Fran in Glasgow, Jane in North London and Janet in South London/Beckenham borders with more due to open in 2018. Our practitioners have a minimum of three years’ experience and hold a Changing Faces Skin Camouflage qualification that is accredited by The Royal College of Nursing, some hold further VTCT Level 3 qualifications. All practitioners have experience of both private work and regular voluntary work carried out for Changing Faces, whose service is delivered in line with NHS standards of good practice.

What our clients say

I had a birthmark on my face for many years which caused me lots of embarrassment and distress. I contacted SCUK and arranged a consultation. I was then shown how to completely cover up my birthmark as if it was nor there at all. I was so happy. Skin camouflage has completely changed my life and given me so much confidence.

Mrs T Enfield

Latest from the Blog

How do I camouflage My Vitiligo ?

This is a question we are asked on an almost daily basis. Vitiligo is one of those conditions that can benefit  from some of the most dramatic results , have a look at our gallery page for a really good accutane example. However, it can also be one of the the most tricky especially if your […]

Scar, Tattoo, Malasma bleed through

Very occasionally  you can achieve the perfect colour match but the condition you are covering will still be slightly visible, we call this a bleed through. Malasma/Chloasma can occasionally appear with a faint greenish tone, scars particularly self harm scars can  appear to have a silvery quality and tattoos can have a yellowish tint. If […]

National Vitiligo day walk

The Vitiligo society is an organisation who have been helping and supporting people with Vitiligo since 1984 .They have organised a walk, the National Vitiligo day walk, and it is taking place  on Saturday 25th June 2016. It will be a circular walk starting at Hampton Court Railway Station.  It circles Hampton Court Palace and then […]